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So I didn’t know what to blog about so I thought would just post a bunch of pictures :). Lily is the parrot, Molly the calf, Kirby and Pixie the kitties and Stormageddon Dark Lord of All the rabbit ♥ … Continue reading

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I got this new cage today…What is going inside? Guess in the comments ♥. Also cute kitty picture!

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Fall Fishing

My dad and I went fishing the other day (didn’t get any fish though 😦 ) and got a few cool photos.

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Meet Monday : Kirby

This is Kirby our sweet {cow} kitty ♥.  He has bonded very well with Teddy {See his page here } and also has the household record for the loudest purr :). And yes, they love the brown wicker chair- purrfect … Continue reading

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It. Is. Raining.

Right now it is raining, Earlier this week it was frost…Weather, please decide what you want to do with yourself. Anyway,here are some interesting pictures I took with my Panasonic HDC-TM900 camera. ♥

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Meet : Lily

Sorry that this is a day late…stuff got in the way of things. Anyway, Lily is my 17 yr old yellow-fronted amazon parrot that lives in our sun room. She has one flaw.  Only my mom can touch her without … Continue reading

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I have now planned out my week… Meet on Monday : you will meet one or two of my pets! Photograph Friday : favorite pictures of the week 🙂 And other randoms posted in between. –jessi

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Meet : Pixie & Teddy

These two very special kittens entered my life earlier this year…Pixie and Teddy are siblings from a mother and five other kittens who did not survive their delivery.  Pixie and Teddy are special needs animals because they have a rare … Continue reading

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Fall photos

Here are some photographs from around my family’s home ◊

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the cows

Emma and Molly are my mother/daughter pair of Jersey cows.  Emma is the mother and is 2½ yrs old giving 3 gallons of milk a day.  Molly is 24 weeks old and was born May 8th.  I have owned the … Continue reading

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