the cows

Emma and Molly are my mother/daughter pair of Jersey cows.  Emma is the mother and is 2½ yrs old giving 3 gallons of milk a day.  Molly is 24 weeks old and was born May 8th.  I have owned the pair since June and love having them.  I got them from a very nice man that lives in north Wisconsin who had put a ad for them in the newspaper… I have enjoyed their companionship very much ♥. Plz comment and tell me what I should write about next!

sweetie pie

sweetie pie

baby molly

baby molly

About animalmagnet

An amateur photographer who also enjoys being a bookworm, whovian, and sherlockian.
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3 Responses to the cows

  1. Goat Girl says:

    How about updates/pics of Pixie? And some nice goat pics!


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