Meet : Pixie & Teddy

These two very special kittens entered my life earlier this year…Pixie and Teddy are siblings from a mother and five other kittens who did not survive their delivery.  Pixie and Teddy are special needs animals because they have a rare genetic mutation called dwarfism.  Sadly, only 15% of dwarf kittens survive past 3 months.  But because my family owns a goat dairy, they had the best colostrum and milk for their tiny tummies.  They cannot have cow milk because it is very hard for them to digest the large fat molecules.  They have been hand fed by me for the past 3 ½ months.  For the first month I had to wake up twice per night in addition to 6 times during the day for small feedings of warm milk from an eye dropper.  At 8 weeks, Pixie was 4.5 ounces and Teddy was 8 ounces.  Now, Pixie weighs in at 1.2 lb or .54 kg.   Teddy has grown to 2.4 lb or 1.9 kg and is a adorable tiger.

More pictures of the pair from the past and present will be up soon! ♥

Pixie <3

Pixie ❤


Teddy posing


look at the size difference



pretending to be a big cat :)

pretending to be a big cat 🙂



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3 Responses to Meet : Pixie & Teddy

  1. lola gayle says:

    I love tiny kitties! I have 5 cats. All of them pretty big, save for one…my little Pearl. I don’t think she has the dwarf thing, but she might. At over 2 years old, she still weighs in at less than 2 pounds. Here’s her story. (Yes, she literally fell out of a tree as an infant. Her mother must have thought she was an owl.)

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