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She has arrived!


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Who doesn’t match?

Aravis, one of our kitties love to sleep with the newborn goat kids. Also, more kid posts are on their way!

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Snow Day

Where I live there is snow for about ½ of the year, and yesterday was the first snow day :). We got about 5 inches of the fluffy white substance, and it was about 29 degrees Fahrenheit (-2C). This morning … Continue reading

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Meet: Goats!

Here are a few of the many goats that live on my family’s goat dairy.  The goats that have little ears are LaManchas and the rest are mostly French Alpines.  All of them are sweet and like getting snuggles.   ♥

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It. Is. Raining.

Right now it is raining, Earlier this week it was frost…Weather, please decide what you want to do with yourself. Anyway,here are some interesting pictures I took with my Panasonic HDC-TM900 camera. ♥

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the cows

Emma and Molly are my mother/daughter pair of Jersey cows.  Emma is the mother and is 2½ yrs old giving 3 gallons of milk a day.  Molly is 24 weeks old and was born May 8th.  I have owned the … Continue reading

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